• Specializing in Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Over 26 Years of Experience
  • Registered Clinical Counsellor
  • Licensed with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors
  • Weekend and Evening Appointments Available
  • Client Centered Approach
  • Realistic, Practical, and Meaningful Results

Paul Bains Counselling Services
Serving Surrey, Delta and the Lower Mainland in BC since 1995.

Benefits of Marriage and Relationship Counselling

Paul Bains Counselling Services of Surrey, BC specializes in marriage counselling. Couples counselling benefits relationships in many ways. In order to get the marriage you want it takes work and understanding.

Some ways that Couples Counselling can help you :

  • Stop ongoing fights and conflicts
  • Improve communication
  • Heal from Affairs or infidelity. It can be difficult, but possible.
  • Rebuild trust.
  • Build or rebuild a stronger emotional connection.
  • Help with resolving Sexual issues.
  • Understand how differences can be overcome.
  • Learn tools and skills to repair your relationship.
  • Much more…
Benefits of Family Counselling
Family therapy is a specialization of Paul Bains Counselling Services. Some ways that Family Counselling can benefit you:
  • Resolve ongoing issues with a family member.
  • Have better conversations.
  • Heal past issues.
  • Understand how your teenager is developing and how you can parent effectively.
  • Help parents build a better relationship with adult children.
  • Helping Adult children, resolve issues with parents.
  • Resolving parenting issues with your teen or child.
  • Develop effective and practical solutions to your problems.
  • Much more…

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